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VOC-Compliant Cleaner - Krylon Products Group - Facility Management Product Release

Krylon Products Group
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Sprayon Electro Wizard removes, dissolves and rinses away foreign contaminants from sensitive equipment and precision instruments. The cleaner has a dielectric strength of 12,500 volts and is nonflammable and safe on plastics. It instantly evaporates, eliminating the trapping of airborne contaminants and allowing occupants to handle parts immediately. The cleaner is volatile-organic-compound-compliant in all 50 states and is an alternative to HCFC-141B, a Class II ozone-depleting substance the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is phasing out by 2010. Managers can use the cleaner on the following applications: printed circuits; relays and switches; meters; X-ray equipment; hydraulic-fuel systems; timing devices; cameras; office machines; computer systems and memory devices; satellite-communication equipment; and TV-video equipment.


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posted: 9/15/2008