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Two–Piece Toilet Series Extends Water Efficiency - Zurn Industries LLC - Facility Management Product Release

Two–Piece Toilet Series Extends Water Efficiency: Zurn Industries LLC

Zurn Industries LLC
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Zurn Industries, LLC introduces the 1000g Two-Piece Toilet Series, a full line of tank-and-bowl systems engineered to conserve water without sacrificing performance in commercial applications.

The models in this series achieve the 1000g MaP rating for clog prevention, and deliver reliable performance based on 100,000-cycle-count flush testing. The Zurn Two-Piece Toilet Series is available with water conserving 1.28 gpf option that meets WaterSense criteria.

This new series is outfitted with a siphon jet bowl, and includes the following models:

• Zurn EcoVantage® HET (High-Efficiency Toilet) 1.28 gpf Tank and Bowl System;

• Zurn HPT™ High Performance 1.6 gpf Tank and Bowl System;

• All models are available with the following options: -VL vandal lock lid, -IN insulated tank and -RH right hand flush

“The addition of this new, performance-proven system to our EcoVantage product line, showcases Zurn’s commitment to delivering the largest breadth of engineered water solutions from any single manufacturer,” says Kevin Gannon, Product Manager, Zurn.


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posted: 2/19/2016