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Tankless Water Heater - Noritz America Corp. - Facility Management Product Release

Tankless Water Heater: Noritz America Corp.

Noritz America Corp.
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The NCC1991 delivers a thermal efficiency of 94 percent with an input range of 16,000-199,000 Btu. The unit uses a secondary, stainless steel heat exchanger that transfers heat from the exhaust gases to the water. The recovery process lowers the temperature of the flue gases, allowing the exhaust vent to run with polyvinyl chloride piping, rather than stainless steel venting. The unit requires less than 3 feet of wall space for an indoor or outdoor mount on a wall or a freestanding rack. The stainless steel casing allows for easier cleaning and sanitization and more protection from surroundings.


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posted: 5/13/2014