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System Performs Pneumatic HVAC Fault Diagnostics - Cypress Envirosystems - Facility Management Product Release

System Performs Pneumatic HVAC Fault Diagnostics: Cypress Envirosystems

Cypress Envirosystems
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SMARTPneumatics, a fault diagnostics system for pneumatic HVAC terminal units, uses the data provided by Cypress’s Wireless Pneumatic Thermostat (WPT) to automatically identify and prioritize faults so operators can ensure their buildings perform optimally over time. SMARTPneumatics can identify faults such as stuck actuators, damper oscillation, undersized heating or cooling capacity, need for calibration, and pneumatic infrastructure problems such as leaks.

Pneumatic thermostats are in 70 percent of buildings and provide no data, so they cannot be included in traditional fault diagnostics system. This means that faults go undetected, maintenance is more difficult, energy is wasted, and occupants are not as comfortable as they should be.

The WPT has made it cost effective and easy to retrofit pneumatic thermostats to digital controls. For the first time, the WPT and SMARTPneumatics make it possible for pneumatic terminal units to be monitored.


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posted: 12/27/2016