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The Digital Video Manager (DVM) R300 closed-circuit television (CCTV) surveillance system features a multi-scene interface, advanced video analytics, camera tamper detection, and support for streamer I/O and bi-directional audio.

DVM allows users to view, record, play back and store security video clips across an existing or dedicated network. Operators can tailor the cameras they see on screen with drag-and-drop configuration. The interface supports both standard and widescreen formats.

DVM R300 also integrates a suite of intelligent video analytics, which allow DVM to generate real-time alarms based on specific activity and behaviors. The tools can track as many as 20 targets in each camera view and report on more than 35 actionable events. They also can filter out environmental triggers like snow or waving trees to minimize false alarms.

To augment the video analytics, DVM R300 also features tamper detection functionality that identifies camera vandalism or sabotage, or obstructions to the field of view. This includes instances in which a camera is intentionally covered, repositioned or "blinded".

In addition, DVM monitors and controls remote devices, such as detectors and lock controls, through streamer I/O support. Used in conjunction with bi-directional audio, this feature provides an intercom along with video at locations like gates and loading docks.


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posted: 4/29/2008