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Surveillance Recorders - Smarter Security Systems Ltd. - Facility Management Product Release

Surveillance Recorders: Smarter Security Systems Ltd.

Smarter Security Systems Ltd.
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SmarterDVR digital video recorders (DVRs) range from a basic surveillance package to outdoor systems for covert and remote video applications. The temperature-hardened and weatherproof DVRs are available in two configurations designed to blend in with the environment and avoid detection by intruders. SmarterDVR 200 is a weather-proof, pole-mounted version that looks like an electrical junction box. The SmarterDVR 300 is a small waterproof keg container that can be buried underground or submerged in water.

The units can support four analog or IP cameras and include a 100GB hard drive for video recording. They support scheduled, event-based, continuous, and motion-based recording with adjustable frame rates per camera. With internet connectivity, the DVR can send an e-mail notification with a picture when it detects motion by an intruder. Remote viewing and video playback over a cellular data network is also available via a cellular code-division, multiple-access modem that works with Sprint or Verizon cellular service.

A solar solution, thermal electric generator, or standard AC or DC power source power the recorders. A wiring junction box in the SmarterDVR 300 serves as the hook-up location for all external DVR components, such as the DVR power cord and the port for laptop connection.


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posted: 11/13/2006