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Steam Boiler Produces Efficiency and Cost Savings - Miura America Co. - Facility Management Product Release

Steam Boiler Produces Efficiency and Cost Savings: Miura America Co.

Miura America Co.
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Miura America Company, a worldwide leader in the design and manufacture of energy-efficient, eco–friendly industrial steam boilers, will unveil the latest generation LX-300 in the New Product Showcase at the 2016 AHR Expo in Orlando.

This new model features a number of upgrades to the already award-winning, industry leading boiler including: increased energy savings due to the addition of a VFD (variable-frequency drive), improved turndown ratios, quieter operation, and safer electrical configuration.

“Miura America is taking on-demand industrial steam systems to a new level. Miura's well-established role as a leader in steam boiler efficiency, lower emissions, and reduced energy costs has been solidified with the new LX300 model. This new model is being unveiled and introduced to the industry for the first time at this show,” says Doug MacMaster, Vice President of US Operations for Miura America Company.

Miura boilers are known for their reduced environmental footprint of low NOx and CO2 emissions, as well as their exclusive once-through fire-tube design that produces steam in less than five minutes using less fuel and water than traditional boiler units. Additionally, Miura boilers feature a modular and zero-side-clearance design that allows the flexibility to customize a steam plant due to its smaller physical footprint. The LX-300 achieves 87 percent fuel-to-steam efficiency, making it the most versatile boiler on the market.

“One of the most significant improvements is the new 4:1 turndown ratio of the gas burner which enables a much broader range of control between high and low fire. This, combined with a VFD in the air intake system, causes electrical consumption to drop significantly. Coupled with Miura's one-of-a-kind modularity and system controls, the LX300 is one of the most technologically advanced industrial steam solutions in the world,” MacMaster says.

The following details the new upgrades:

Tech Savvy: The LX-300 is renowned for its use of advanced computer-control technology to ensure optimum boiler efficiency through constant monitoring, however, the addition of a VFD expands its innovative reputation. VFDs are the latest energy saving technology, and are being adopted in industries across the board to save electricity.

VFD for Low Fire Air Control: The new LX-300 enjoys increased energy savings because the new VFD reduces the frequency to consume less electricity during low fire by using the fan speed to control the amount of air mixing with the fuel. Miura’s previous design utilized a damper system that moved to block varying amounts of air entering the burner. While this method served Miura well, VFDs are now more affordable than ever before, and offer better design functionality without the cost.

Improved Turndown Ratio: The new LX-300 (SG) model has an impressive turn down ratio of 4:1, resulting in more flexibility in designing steam systems. Some models have a larger difference between low-fire and high-fire, which provides a broader range of steam output.

Noise Reduction: Due to the addition of the VFD on the fan motor, and the ability to adjust fan speed, the noise is significantly reduced in both low and high fire.

Safer Electrical Configuration: Safety is always a top priority for Miura. The new LX-300 features the high voltage box in the rear of the unit to prevent accidental operator contact, and all components in the front control box are 120v or below.

250hp Model Now Available: The LX-300 is also now available in a 250 horsepower (hp) version. With all the features of the 300 hp, the burner on the 250 hp model has a maximum input of less than 10,000,000 btu per hour, which falls into a lower classification under EPA regulations, reducing energy usage and governmental regulation compliance costs to the customer.

Aesthetic Face Lift: In addition to all the aforementioned internal upgrades, the new LX-300 has a new external look as well, featuring a unique and aesthetically pleasing blue and white exterior.


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posted: 1/13/2016