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Software System Helps Facilities Manage Water Consumption - Banyan Water - Facility Management Product Release

Software System Helps Facilities Manage Water Consumption: Banyan Water

Banyan Water
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Banyan Water, a leader in the development of smart water technologies, has released Water IQ, a unique data and analytics software platform that allows large commercial water users to monitor, measure, control and reduce their water use both inside and outside the building.

"In response to our customers' needs for water data and analytics in disparate rate and water use environments across multiple properties, Water IQ offers solutions to fit each client's conservation and financial goals," said Gillan Taddune, Chief Executive Officer of Banyan Water. "As we've seen in California with this week's executive order by Governor Brown, companies will need to understand how water is used and continue to make efforts to conserve."

Water Intelligence
Banyan Water's technology offers real-time insights and analysis of water use across a property.

Portfolio-Wide Water Data
For those managing multiple properties, Water IQ offers a view into the most important water-related data across a portfolio, highlighting high risk properties.
Bill Calculation & Verification
Water IQ calculates water costs in real-time based on a client's water pricing, allowing accurate bill prediction.

Predictive Modeling for Water System Upgrades
For property managers wondering how a water-saving improvement might impact their bills, Water IQ now offers a tool to easily calculate costs and savings of various improvements.

Intelligent Irrigation Management
Typically, properties use twice as much water as they need to on irrigation. Water IQ's focus on data, alerting, and water use reporting ensures that landscapes are irrigated efficiently and leaks in irrigation systems are detected early on before water is wasted or property damage occurs.


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posted: 5/17/2016