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Snow Blower Attachment Helps Facilities Clear Paths and Walkways - Bobcat Co. - Facility Management Product Release

Snow Blower Attachment Helps Facilities Clear Paths and Walkways: Bobcat Co.

Bobcat Co.
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The snowblower attachment blows snow off driveways and parking lots and other tight spaces.

Chute rotation is achieved by a chain and sprocket system that eliminates loose, tangled, and frozen cables. By adjusting the deflector up or down, the chute points snow in almost any direction and throws snow wherever the operator wants it placed.

The snowblower attachment is the ultimate workhorse for handling snow conditions whatever the conditions — deep snow banks, hard, compacted snow, or heavy snowfall. Ten models available that toss snow in places that can’t be reached with a machine. Several models offer a high-flow auxiliary hydraulic option.

• Chain and sprocket system. Rather than cables, a chain and sprocket system rotates the chute, eliminating loose, tangled and frozen cables and providing maximum uptime protection.

• Direct-drive hydraulic motors. Delivers necessary operating power while reducing overall maintenance costs, extending the life of the attachment and eliminates the need for high wear items such as gear boxes, chains, sprockets and sheer pins.

• Rotating chute and deflector. Chute rotates up to 276 degrees and deflector adjusts up or down as needed, pointing snow in any direction and throwing snow exactly where it needs to be placed.

• Cutting edge. Replaceable for lower operating costs.

• Skid shoes. Adjustable, set to scrape pavement clean or higher to remove snow from gravel lots and driveways.


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posted: 8/24/2015