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Smart Sprinkler System Measures Real-Time Water Needs - Mist Labs - Facility Management Product Release

Smart Sprinkler System Measures Real-Time Water Needs: Mist Labs

Mist Labs

Mist uses wireless moisture sensors to measure real-time water needs across the yard. Instead of a traditional sprinkler timer that waters regardless of weather or need, Mist waters autonomously and on-demand.

Traditional sprinkler control systems are inherently inefficient and difficult to use. With no sensors, they have no insight into the real water needs, which are constantly changing and can vary drastically. Mist uses solar-powered, wireless sensors that monitor soil moisture levels, precisely and in real-time. Mist can confirm that the water is being absorbed into a plant’s roots. This enables Mist to use advanced deep-watering techniques that make plants stronger and less water-dependent. Mist can also be programmed to obey watering laws.


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posted: 8/19/2015