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Smart Controller Manages HVAC Systems - Reliable Controls Corp. - Facility Management Product Release

Smart Controller Manages HVAC Systems: Reliable Controls Corp.

Reliable Controls Corp.
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Reliable Controls released revision E of the SMART-Space Controller (SSC), which adds new features and improvements to existing features.

The core new features include:
• An on-board 0-2000 ppm optional CO2 sensor
• An expanded Control BASIC programming space, increased from 1000 bytes to 2000 bytes per program
• Latching relays, which allows both AC and DC loads to be switched
• Next generation microprocessor
• A Hand/Off/Auto (HOA) feature allows outputs to be controlled from the buttons and display
• Support for new Control BASIC functions (RAMP and FLOAT)
• A new end-of-line slide switch supports manual points reporting

The SMART-Space Controller is designed for small pointcount, standalone or distributed network applications supporting up to 200 SSCs per network. Models include up to 4 outputs and 4 inputs. Options include any combination of occupancy sensor, humidity sensor, CO2 sensor, real-time clock, and temperature changes.


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posted: 9/9/2015