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Single-Ply Roofing System - Sika Sarnafil - Facility Management Product Release

Single-Ply Roofing System: Sika Sarnafil

Sika Sarnafil
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The Sarnathin-50 system utilizes Sika’s Sarnafil roofing membrane in conjunction with R-50 Systems’ Rich-E-Board, a 1.5-inch thick, vacuum-sealed insulation with a protective covering on both sides and an R-value (resistance to heat flow) of 50. The slim, lightweight design decreases costs of building modifications and structural retrofits, while creating more usable space for living and/or operations. Because Rich-E-Board can be produced to various dimensions, it can be used in most building and wall applications with little wasted material.

While conventional insulation can require a thickness of 10 inches or more to reach an R-value of 50, Rich-E-Board achieves the same result at 1.5 inches thick. Not only is Rich-E-Board mold and fire resistant, but it can also be installed on most roof deck types. This system delivers significant advantages to architects, contractors and building owners:

· Proven performer – Actual performance in the field over time is the only true test of a roofing system’s quality. Billions of square feet of Sarnafil membrane have performed with distinction over the past 50 years in climates of every description.

· Lower energy bills – Achieving an R-value of 50 can cut a building’s heating and cooling costs by 8 to 10 percent, according to an independent study done by Oakridge National Laboratories.

· Simpler retrofits – Rich-E-Board enables retrofitted structures to achieve required R-values in less time, with fewer materials, and without costly and destructive building modifications when door thresholds, glazing, equipment and other elements limit the available height or thickness for new insulation.

· Reduced construction costs – Rich-E-Board can be designed to different dimensions and is lightweight — it lowers the cost of delivery and handling and reduces insulation-related labor costs by more than half.

· Design flexibility – With a slim profile — especially compared with multi-layer insulation — Rich-E-Board saves space, expanding design options.


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posted: 5/4/2018