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Shadecloth Collection Offers Decorous Look to Commercial Interiors - MechoSystems Inc. - Facility Management Product Release

Shadecloth Collection Offers Decorous Look to Commercial Interiors: MechoSystems Inc.

MechoSystems Inc.
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The SoHo shadecloth collection consists of thin, finely woven yarns and distinctive color themes. The shadecloths have a smooth texture and a soft hand for a gentle, decorous look. The colors, while broadening the designer’s palette, are subtle, supplying only a minimal accent.

All 12 are available in the same range of open weaves, allowing the specifier to maintain color consistency throughout a space while letting in more or less daylight with a wider or denser weave according to the unique solar orientation of each window wall. Features of the fabric:

•Available in 12 designer colors with 1 percent, 3 percent, or 5 percent openness.
•Refined 2 x 2 basket weave.
•Smooth texture.
•Soft hand.

The name of this collection commemorates MechoSystems’ half-century-long journey from a cast-iron storefront south of New York City’s Houston Street to the top of an industry.


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posted: 7/29/2015