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Sensor Probes - Moore Industries - Facility Management Product Release

Sensor Probes: Moore Industries

Moore Industries
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Moore Industries’ Worm Flexible Sensors use a patented flexible design and can be installed in minutes using a pair of pliers and wire cutters, according to the company. The installer determines the proper length, cuts the integral spring accordingly, slides the spring over the sensor wires, snaps a cap or clip on the end, and slides the assembly into the thermowell, enclosure or transmitter head. Spacers are supplied to keep the assembly straight.

The temperature assembly keeps the spring-loaded sensor in place, shielding it from external ambient temperatures.

Worm sensors are available with a variety of RTDs and thermocouples, including 100 and 1000 ohm, platinum, copper, nickel RTDs, J- and K-type thermocouples.

Sensors can be mounted directly to tanks, pipes, motors, compressors, reactors, or anywhere a skin surface temperature measurement is needed. Stainless steel mounting accessories allow assemblies to endure harsh field environments.


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posted: 7/9/2007