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Security Personnel Tracker - NovaTracker - Facility Management Product Release

Security Personnel Tracker: NovaTracker

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GuardTrax, developed by NovaTracker, gives corporate security managers the ability to monitor, track, and manage field level security personnel in real-time over the Internet.

The technology uses a GPS antenna combined with GSM wireless communication to move critical location and activity data to a server platform. This data is then integrated into Web-interfaced GIS mapping and satellite imagery software, giving security supervisors and managers a virtual window from which they can view the activities of their security personnel in "real-time" from anywhere in the world.

Because the unit combines GPS with GSM, security personnel don't need a mobile phone for emergencies, supervisor assistance or calls to the office. The device will dial four pre-defined phone numbers as well as a one-touch panic button for emergencies.

It also is equipped with a motion sensor that will report if the device has had no motion for a determined amount of time, plus a non-keyed function called the "geo-fence breach alert." If the device is taken in or out of a pre-defined area, then it sends a message to the server reporting that the device has entered or exited a defined area.


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posted: 10/5/2007