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Security Management System: AMAG Technology

AMAG Technology
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The Symmetry security management system includes new video, access control, intrusion and hardware features.


- Rack mounted Edge Network Video Server provides eight channels of MPEG-4 in a 1U enclosure.

- Event recording has become more precise. Users can record video from IP cameras just seconds before and after an event rather than in complete minutes.

- Improved features within Identity Check: Guards can compare a live ID badge photo with a stored ID photo; Systems controls up to four doors and cameras from a single PC; Guards can control doors and provide manual restrictions when necessary; Guards can manually search for a card holder and related transaction log when a person does not have card; Guards can view a second virtual matrix on a PC providing a maximum of 72 cameras displayed on a screen.

Access control:

- Identity menu makes it easier to navigate and create credentials in the Identity Management module.

- Data Connect module allows users to create reports using the Transaction Import table on transactions made from third party systems integrated with the system.

- Command Center displays the status of all devices in a tree display. Users can operate the system from the tree view. Enhanced permissions can restrict devices and options available to individual users as defined.


- Intrusion Management module features a separate toolbar that displays a summary of all intrusion devices in real-time. A new device tree shows the status of a defined list of areas, zones and detectors. The status of these same areas and devices are also displayed on the dynamic graphical maps.


- Enclosure provides the highest ratio of readers per square foot, according to the company. CAB5 16 reader enclosure is available with an eight reader M2150 8DBC installed. An additional eight reader M2150 8DBC intelligent controller can be added.


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posted: 4/23/2007