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Scaffolding Tags - Brady Corp. - Facility Management Product Release

Brady Corp.
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The line of Inspection Tagging Systems from Brady Corp. are designed for scaffolding. The Scafftag system clearly indicates to all users the current status of scaffolding equipment to help prevent these workplace accidents, and facilitate OSHA compliance.

The system includes a tag holder and multiple inserts that give workers and inspectors vital safety information they need. This information includes the duty or load-bearing capacity of the structure and relevant inspection information.

The three-stage system is designed to indicate whether the structure has been inspected, and whether it has passed inspection. In the first stage, the tag holder is permanently attached to the scaffolding structure; a "Do Not Use" message is put in place until the structure has been inspected.

If the scaffolding fails inspection, the "Do Not Use" message remains in the holder. When the structure is re-inspected, if it passes a new insert is completed and placed in the holder, to let workers know the scaffolding is safe to use. If not, then prohibition message is left in place.


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posted: 10/15/2007