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Saw Blades: Bosch Power Tools and Accessories

Bosch Power Tools and Accessories
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Bosch Power Tools offers a variety of saw blades. The 10- and 12-inch hacksaw blades are color-coded and labeled with their specified application for quick identification.

Bi-metal flexible for metal blades are designed for cutting pipe, solid metals, wood, plastic and machineable metal. A patented pressure rule manufacturing process adheres high-speed steel strips to the blade body. Precision ground 18-, 24- and 32-teeth-per-inch configurations reduce blade fractures and breakage, while the flexible blade body prevents shattering. Blades are color-coded blue for metal applications.

The high carbon steel metal blades are designed for cutting mild steel, copper, brass, aluminum and other similar materials. The carbon steel body construction offers a hardened cutting edge and flexible back to avoid breakage. The metal blades are color-coded blue and available in 18-, 24-, and 32-teeth-per-inch configurations.

Specialty carbide grit for abrasive materials blades feature a uniform application of carbide grit for cutting ceramics, fiberglass, asbestos, glass resins and other abrasive materials. Both 10- and 12-inch long blades are color-coded black for specialty applications.

The high-tension 12-inch hacksaw frame offers a 4.75-inch throat depth for tackling wider diameter pipe and 45- and 90-degree cutting capabilities. A tension lever helps users make blade changes. The heavy-duty frame features a rubber ergonomic hand grip at the back and a thumb-grip at the front for two-handed operations.

The portable band saw blades are bi-metal for wood, plastic and common metals designed to fit most portable band saws. They are available in 10-, 14-, 18- and 24-teeth-per-inch configurations. Each blade is available in three packs.


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posted: 12/21/2006