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Sampling Pumps - Allegro Industries - Facility Management Product Release

Sampling Pumps: Allegro Industries

Allegro Industries
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The pumps monitor levels of mold, lead, asbestos and other dangerous particulates. The T100 rotary vane and the A100 Rotary Vane offer a sampling range of 3-20 LPM. The upgraded T100M incorporates all the features of the T100 with the addition of a built-in adjustable 5-50 LPM flow meter.

The D-2 Moldlite sampler is a high efficiency-linear oscillating pump with a sampling range of 3-33 LPM. Powered and self-contained, the DC sampling pump is a programmable unit designed to run cassettes. It provides five hours of continuous operation.

The duel M2 multi-mold cassette is disposable and designed to measure indoor air quality. It operates in accordance with Navier-Stokes fluid/air dynamic principals, using standard pump and calibration equipment. It is capable of three separate functions: collecting two different samples, collecting two identical samples concurrently, or collecting one sample while using the other cell as a control.

The sampling pump carry bag is constructed from lightweight, padded nylon, with pockets, carry handles and a shoulder strap.


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posted: 1/2/2007