Addressing Indoor Air Diffuser Maintenance

  March 11, 2010

Everyone has seen air diffusers jammed with files or piled with boxes, either negligently or as an effort by employees to satisfy their personal thermal comfort needs. However, it is important to make sure that supply air diffusers serving occupied spaces are not blocked.

Obstructed supply air diffusers can ruin proper air balance. When this occurs, some areas receive too much supply air, while others receive too little. Also, improper air pressure relationships between the building and the outdoors, as well as between key areas within the building, can develop. This facilitates pollutant transfer.

If occupants are complaining of drafts, several remedial options exist: occupant locations can be changed, diffuser locations can be moved, or a different diffuser design can be used. Some of these options may require that the air system be rebalanced.


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