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Riveter Tools Feature German Engineering, Enhanced Design - S-B Group - Facility Management Product Release

Riveter Tools Feature German Engineering, Enhanced Design: S-B Group

S-B Group
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The BZ103A and BZ123A series products are designed and manufactured in Germany by VVG Fasteners, these Honsel-VVG-Tools riveters deliver quality and performance to the most demanding assembly applications.

“For years, industrial assembly users have demanded riveters that are ergonomic, highly durable and affordably priced,“ says Michael Mervis, vice president of sales and marketing for S-B Industries. “And now with the introduction of the BZ series tools from Germany those qualities are achieved.”

The quick set riveting cycle of the BZ series tools will save time and improve production rates in high volume applications. The new BZ riveters have a high capacity mandrel collector fed by an energy-friendly vacuum system. Allowing the operator to regulate the air that is used for ejecting the spent mandrel, a smart-knob located at the base of the tool, features three settings to optimize efficiency--the vacuum actuates at intervals, fulltime, or turns off when the tool is idle. These German engineered riveters are built to assist the modern factory that is looking to conserve energy with high quality affordable tooling.

“S-B Industries is uniquely positioned to support OEM’s with technical support, service and maintenance of the new Honsel-VVG-Tools based on experience and our network of distributors throughout North America,” Mervis says.

BZ riveters will set all materials and types of rivets up to 3/16-inch for the BZ103A and up to ¼-inch for the BZ123A. All appropriate nosepieces are conveniently stored in the base of the tool. BZ riveters are manufactured to precise tolerances from cast aluminum and wrapped in high-strength resin making them very resilient to tough environments.


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posted: 7/23/2015