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Rigid Coupling - Victaulic Co. - Facility Management Product Release

Victaulic Co.
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The Style W89 rigid coupling is for use exclusively with stainless steel pipe, Schedule S10 or higher. Developed for use with HVAC and industrial pipe installation to provide an inflexible joint, the Style W89 coupling greatly reduces linear and angular movement through the use of wedge-shaped coupling housing keys which fully engage the grooves to provide rigidity on valve connections and other points where inflexibility is necessary.

Available in sizes 14- to 24-inch/350mm to 600mm, the Style W89 couplings are provided with plated bolts and nuts and FlushSeal gasket Grade "E" EPDM for multiple uses. Grade "T" nitrile and Grade "L" silicone are also available. Style W89 couplings, offered in standard galvanized steel or painted upon request, are suitable for use on stainless steel piping where the corrosion resistant properties of stainless steel are not required for the external environment.

Style W89 AGS rigid couplings are designed with heavy ductile iron housings for pressures up to 300 psi/2065kPa on 14- to 24-inch/350mm to 600mm stainless steel pipe Schedule 10S and higher. Dependent on gasket grade, the Style W89 couplings are suitable for various temperatures.


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posted: 3/23/2007