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Retrofit Turns Constant Speed Pumps To Variable Speed - Armstrong Fluid Technology - Facility Management Product Release

Retrofit Turns Constant Speed Pumps To Variable Speed: Armstrong Fluid Technology

Armstrong Fluid Technology
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The Design Envelope Vertical-In-Line Retrofit allows building owners to replace the moving parts of an installed Armstrong constant speed pump while retaining the existing pump casing, insulation and piping. This solution reduces the costs for equipment, shipping and scrap as well as installation labor. The Design Envelope Vertical-In-Line Retrofit provides owners of existing constant speed pumps with an opportunity to save up to 70 percent on energy costs by upgrading to variable speed. Design Envelope technology accommodates future changes in flow requirements and its variable speed operation means longer equipment life (20 to 30 percent), and greater reliability. Design Envelope solutions don’t require differential pressure sensors, wall-mounted drives or additional wiring, and because the Design Envelope Vertical-In-Line Retrofit solution reuses the existing casing, there's no need for a pressure test after the installation. With all of these savings in installation time, labor costs for the retrofit project are kept to a minimum.


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posted: 12/20/2016