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Recycled Rubber Chips Provide Green Design Option for Grounds Managers - Porous Pave Inc. - Facility Management Product Release

Recycled Rubber Chips Provide Green Design Option for Grounds Managers: Porous Pave Inc.

Porous Pave Inc.
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Porous Pave is a highly porous, flexible and durable pour-in-place green surfacing material. Porous Pave XL consists of 50 percent recycled rubber chips and 50 percent stone aggregate with a urethane binder. Porous Pave XLS is 100 percent recycled rubber chips with a more elastic urethane binder. The custom colors are gray-black, tan-black, brown-black, cypress-black, red-black, brown-tan, green-brown, and blue-grey.

“In the decade since we first introduced Porous Pave, landscape architects and contractors have experimented with mixing two or more of our solid, standard rubber colors,” says Dave Ouwinga, president and chief executive officer, Porous Pave, Inc. “Our custom colors offer the eight combinations proven best for harmonizing permeable paved surfaces with a variety of landscape and hardscape designs.”

Porous Pave colors are permanent and fade resistant. Discarded tires, diverted from landfills and recycled, are shredded and processed into the one-quarter-inch nominal size rubber chips incorporated into Porous Pave. Rather than merely coating the outer surface of the rubber with paint that fades, cracks, and flakes off, the Porous Pave process infuses the chips with dyes and UV inhibitors.

A proven solution for green stormwater infrastructure, Porous Pave infiltrates stormwater at the source, decreases the volume and slows the velocity of peak stormwater flow into storm drains and storm sewers, reduces erosion from runoff and filters out pollutants to improve water quality, and recharges groundwater. Porous Pave is engineered with 29 percent void space, allowing water to permeate through the surface, filter down through a compacted aggregate base, and then slowly seep into the soil below. Independent testing verifies that up to 6,300 gallons of water per hour per square foot can drain though Porous Pave.

With its rubber-aggregate content, Porous Pave XL is a heavy-duty, hard-wearing material for paving permeable surfaces on loading docks, driveways and parking areas, building entrances and courtyards, walkways and sidewalks, patios and terraces, and walking trails and golf cart paths. The material’s porosity, permeability, slip resistance and durability make it a sustainable solution for tree surrounds in urban environments.

With its 100 percent recycled rubber chip content and more flexible urethane-binding agent, Porous Pave XLS establishes permeable surfaces that are more impact-absorbing. Property owners and facility managers choose it for pool surrounds. Schools and parks install XLS for playgrounds. It is ideal for slip resistant splash pads and walking areas adjacent to water features.


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posted: 7/8/2015