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R290 System Available for Reach-in Coolers - Embraco - Facility Management Product Release

R290 System Available for Reach-in Coolers: Embraco

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The Plug n’ Cool sealed unit line, a complete cooling solution focused on commercial refrigeration, is an R290 pre-charged sealed system designed for top- mounted reach-in coolers for grocery stores, supermarkets and professional kitchens. Due to its modular concept, this product allows owners to move machines piece by piece, providing flexibility in the store layout based on specific needs and preferences.

The Plug n’ Cool provides a “plug n’ play” solution that simplifies the installation process, allowing design engineers to easily build market-ready, water-cooled display systems. It also decreases maintenance costs by allowing retailers to maintain the systems themselves, eliminating the need to consult refrigeration technicians. Store owners simply need a sufficient water supply and return lines to cabinets in order to run their cooling systems.

As with many other Embraco products, the Plug n’ Cool applies a natural refrigerant (R290) that has zero ODP (Ozone Depletion Potential) and low GWP (Global Warning Potential). In an effort to meet U.S. energy regulations, the Plug n’ Cool was designed with an Embraco compressor and other high efficiency components. The machine also prevents refrigerant leakage, allowing supermarkets to operate in line with GreenChill, a program facilitated by the EPA in conjunction with food retailers that aims to reduce refrigerant emissions and decrease any impact on the ozone layer and climate change.

Because the equipment is shipped fully charged, the Plug n’ Cool eliminates the need for R290 charging equipment and eliminates the need for a machine room, maximizing internal store space. Finally, the Plug n’ Cool uses a water- cooled condenser that decreases the heat exerted into the air, conserving energy used to maintain a consistent temperature throughout the store.


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posted: 12/21/2016