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Pump Controller - Bell & Gossett - Facility Management Product Release

Pump Controller: Bell & Gossett

Bell & Gossett
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Parallel Sensorless Controller provides advanced system staging of up to eight pumps in parallel configuration, and replaces the need for a wired differential pressure transducer. A 5.7-inch touch screen displays real-time feedback and enables energy modeling.

Sensorless pump control technology relies on pump-specific algorithms, which can accurately predict where a pump operates on its curve. Using speed, torque and power data to know where the pump operates on the curve, sensorless pump controllers can be set up to take action based on those factors.

The staging and destaging multi-pump configurations that are compatible with the ParallelSensorless Controller are created on the basis of efficiency, thus allowing optimized hydraulic efficiency. It meets ASHRAE 90.1 system efficiency requirements and features advanced system staging with B&G’s Efficiency Island operating range.

With the capability to run parallel configurations with up to eight pumps, the controller enables individual pumps to take control if one or more units or sensors are not active, ensuring reliable system flow and pressure.

The real-time graphical display of the hydraulic pump curve, system curve and control curve enables the user to see actual system performance to confirm and adjust optimum hydraulic performance. The graphical display is also 40 percent larger than other models, providing better visibility of system data during commissioning and service.

Other advanced features and functions include:

— Energy savings modeling, a predictive tool that compares energy savings against fixed-speed pumping

— Standard communication protocols like BACnet and Modbus for seamless Building Management System integration, allowing for better control and monitoring of HVAC systems

— A dedicated power supply so the system does not solely rely on variable frequency drive power

— A dedicated and integrated disconnect switch that eliminates the need to install a separate switch, reducing costs and time.


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posted: 6/1/2018