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Sound Masking Systems Reduce Distractions, Increase Speech Privacy - Cambridge Sound Management - Facility Management Product Release

Sound Masking Systems Reduce Distractions, Increase Speech Privacy: Cambridge Sound Management

Cambridge Sound Management
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QtPro sound masking from Cambridge Sound Management reduces noise distractions, protects speech privacy and increases productivity by deploying the only direct-field sound masking systems available on the market. In today’s fast-paced, modern facilities, it is critical to install systems that are not only easy to use and control on their own, but that can integrate with one another, as well as already existing systems.

The Qt 300 and Qt 600 control modules are two products of the QtPro sound masking line that when controlled individually enables users to adjust system settings, including error reporting, time dependent masking levels, and more, via their PC, Mac or tablet device using the intuitive internet based Qt monitoring and control software. These two Qt control modules can also be controlled simultaneously by using the Qt command center software. The Qt command center is a software application designed to provide a unified view of all Cambridge Sound Masking Qt control modules from a single site. The Qt command center makes the deployment and administration of very large sound masking installations across geographical locations simple and easy. The Qt command center provides the benefit of setting and updating any controller regardless of its location on a corporate LAN. The console allows users to copy settings from any controller and apply them to one or more controllers, eliminating the need to walk the building. Additionally, these Qt control modules integrate with already existing Crestron, and AMX based systems.

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posted: 11/10/2015