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Internet of Things App Enhances Safety Measures in Commercial Office Buildings - Kastle Systems - Facility Management Product Release

Internet of Things App Enhances Safety Measures in Commercial Office Buildings: Kastle Systems

Kastle Systems

Kastle Systems released a suite of Internet of Things (IoT) applications and personalized services that redefine how workers, administrators, and visitors interact with and understand commercial workplaces.

KastlePresence leverages mobile phones, access control technology, and location-aware beacons to deliver services to an individual. KastlePresence, at its core, is the newest and most convenient way to enter a secure space — an entirely new hands-free access experience that lets users unlock doors just by approaching them.

KastlePresence also ushers in near-real-time occupancy data and location-based services to revolutionize what property managers and tenants understand to better utilize their spaces and inform other systems. A network of Bluetooth sensors combined with the latest in data privacy best practices delivers unprecedented real-time facility usage data and geo-fenced services including amenity availability, building user notifications, and insights in the form of occupancy data.

KastlePresence goes beyond traditional perimeter security through a breakthrough personal security feature called KastleAlert. KastleAlert is a personalized mobile panic button built on Kastle Systems’ best-in-class, award-winning security infrastructure. It allows users to signal for help via Kastle’s two-way Bluetooth network, which can be economically extended into garages and other locations with weak cellular or wireless coverage.

“Phones unlock doors, but location-aware services are what make KastlePresence most valuable to the individual and to property owners and managers,” says Kastle Systems EVP, Brian Eckert. “This new approach is transforming experiences and supplying new data in every industry today, and will change the business of and everyday experience in commercial real estate. We started the KastlePresence journey by listening to what our customers wanted, then prioritizing the features that mattered most. This is an exciting time for our company and our industry, where mobile technology can truly connect users to the work environment.”

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posted: 11/5/2015