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Primer-Surfacer - USG Corp. - Facility Management Product Release

USG Corp.
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TUFF-HIDE high-build spray is a high solids, latex-based primer-surfacer for gypsum panel walls and ceilings. In a single application, the product generates the same results produced by using a typical two-step process of skim coating the entire drywall surface with joint compound followed by the application of a coat of drywall primer, according to the company. The spray-applied product is suited for critical lighting areas, or in lieu of the skim coat and priming steps required to achieve a Level 5 Gypsum Board Finish (the highest-quality gypsum board finish as designated by the Gypsum Association), according to the company. When used on ceilings, it may be left unpainted for a flat, white finish. The product requires minimal mixing and no thinning. Following spray application, it dries to the touch in approximately 60 to 90 minutes under normal drying conditions. Applied to a wet film thickness of 15 to 20 mils, a gallon of material covers approximately 125 square feet. The product can be painted after overnight drying. The product can also be applied over concrete and plaster interior wall surfaces. Concrete surfaces should age at least 60 days prior to application.


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posted: 12/18/2006