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Primary-Secondary Header - Bell & Gossett/ITT - Facility Management Product Release

Primary-Secondary Header: Bell & Gossett/ITT

Bell & Gossett/ITT
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The Bell & Gossett Primary-Secondary Header is a combination air separator and manifold that creates independent primary and secondary circuits.

This low-loss header includes a purge valve, allowing users to remove debris collected at the bottom of the vessel. The valve also allows release of air trapped in the system via the air vent. The header uses brass air vents and drain valves, and an epoxy resin-painted steel body in all seven sizes.

It has a working pressure of 150 PSI with an operating temperature ranging from 32 degrees Fahrenheit to 220 degrees Fahrenheit. With a connection size between one and four inches, the models have a maximum flow between 11 and 247 GPM's. The standard insulation prevents water vapors from entering from the outside, eliminating the formation of condensation on the body of the PSH.


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posted: 6/21/2007