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Power Supply - Glacier Computer - Facility Management Product Release

Power Supply: Glacier Computer

Glacier Computer
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The 10-60VDC wide range input power supply is integrated into the company’s new Everest forklift computer. The power supply is entirely internal to the computer and electrically isolated, thus eliminating any need for external converters or filters when mounting onto forklifts and other vehicles. The product can be mounted on 12V propane and gas powered vehicles, as well as 24V, 36V, and 48V lift trucks, pallet jacks and stock pickers. The internal power converter accommodates voltage sags down to 6 volts, as well as electrical spikes as high as 275 volts, which are commonly seen on older 48V electric lifts. This helps keep the computer running under all conditions without any reboots or other interruptions in operation.


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posted: 5/7/2007