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Portable Heat Pump Expands Heating, Cooling Capacity Options - Movin Cool - Facility Management Product Release

Portable Heat Pump Expands Heating, Cooling Capacity Options: Movin Cool

Movin Cool
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MovinCool, a brand of DENSO Corp., the world’s largest manufacturer of commercial spot air conditioners, announces the Climate Pro 12, a new portable heat pump that offers unmatched cooling and heating performance in a single, self-contained unit. Compact and versatile, the Climate Pro 12 provides cooling and heating relief in a variety of environments, ranging from offices and schools to warehouses and assembly lines.

“The Climate Pro 12 combines the proven quality and reliability of our portable air conditioning and heating units in a new agile model whose smaller size makes it easy to maneuver and operate in almost any setting,” says MovinCool Sales Manager David Keller. “Our portable heat pumps are the most efficient way of keeping the workplace comfortable as well as the safest method since there is no gas or hot surfaces.”

The Climate Pro 12’s cooling capacity of up to 10,200 British thermal unit per hour (Btu/h), heating capacity of up to 9,900 Btu/h, and minimum operating temperature with plenum of 24 degrees Fahrenheit makes the unit the best-performing model in its class, based on actual measured output. It also plugs into any standard 115-volt 15-amp outlet.

The model’s large, easy-to-read LCD display provides convenient step-by-step instructions to start, set up and program operations. Accessories include a condensate pump for automatic water removal, extension ducts and companion ceiling tiles for additional exhaust removal and air supply, nozzle adapters for spot cooling, a digital wall thermostat, and a transformer compatible with off-the-shelf 24-volt thermostats.

MovinCool’s industry-leading warranty covers parts and labor for three years.


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posted: 12/2/2015