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Portable Cooling System - MovinCool/DENSO Sales California Inc. - Facility Management Product Release

Portable Cooling System: MovinCool/DENSO Sales California Inc.

MovinCool/DENSO Sales California Inc.
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The CM12 ceiling-mounted packaged air conditioner is designed for small office spaces that must be kept cool. Often the main roadblock to the efficient cooling of cramped server telecom and equipment rooms is the lack of floor space to accommodate a roll-in portable spot cooler.

The CM12 delivers 10,500 Btu/H of cooling in a compact, self-contained unit that mounts easily with standard, off-the-shelf hardware above a standard drop ceiling. It connects to a standard 115V, 15-amp circuit.

It comes with a variety of built-in capabilities and safety features, including: built-in mounting brackets designed for off-the-shelf mounting hardware and automatic safety shut-off from common fire-alarm control panel. Most off-the-shelf thermostats can control the system, which doesn’t require refrigerant piping.

It has an operating range of 65-95 degrees on the evaporator and 65-113 degrees on the condenser. Built-in supply and return air flanges enable easy duct installation, improved air circulation and more efficient cooling.

Warning signals and audible alarms for condensation overflow and unscheduled shutdown are built-in and technicians can wire them to a central location. Standard internal pump is included.

In addition to the CM12, MovinCool offers the Office Pro lineup, a seamless series of portable spot-cooling solutions.


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posted: 10/25/2006