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Paint Flow Control Makes Painting Easier - Rust-Oleum - Facility Management Product Release

Paint Flow Control Makes Painting Easier: Rust-Oleum

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Painting outside in hot temperatures complicated by today’s low VOC paints can be a challenge for any painter. When paint dries too quickly in warm weather, it can leave lap marks that can ruin the finished look. Now there’s a solution.

Rust-Oleum, a leading manufacturer of specialty paints and coatings introduces Zinsser PaintBooster Flow Control Additive.

Zinsser PaintBooster extends paint wet edge time by 10–15 minutes, improves paint flow, and helps eliminate brush and roller marks. Available in both water and oil-based formulas, PaintBooster is four times more concentrated than competing brands. Just one quart treats 15 gallons of paint. The product is formulated to ensure it won’t affect topcoat color, sheen or flexibility. PaintBooster water base is ideal for low VOC paints adding only 1 g/L VOC to a typical gallon of paint.

PaintBooster is available in both quart and gallon sizes.


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posted: 6/21/2016