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Packaged HVAC System Increases ROI Potential - Aerco International Inc. - Facility Management Product Release

Aerco International Inc.
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AERCO, a leader in high efficiency boilers and water heaters, now offers complete engineered packaged heating and hot water systems that save installation time, lower overall construction costs, deliver superior lifetime performance and increase ROI.

“Having a complete engineered system in one convenient package designed and assembled by AERCO brings our customers significant benefits. Project timelines are improved and the systems are more efficient because all equipment is expertly designed from a single source,” says Peter Rimassa, Director of Product Solutions and Training, AERCO.

Standard systems are delivered fully assembled integrating the award-winning Benchmark boilers, Innovation water heaters, and all required pumping and piping. Featuring a small footprint and custom designed to meet a facility’s specific requirements, AERCO packaged systems are equally beneficial in new construction as well as retrofits with limited space.

To meet larger load requirements, systems can be integrated together. Custom configurations featuring additional units and different models are also available. AERCO can design systems for pool heating to meet hospitality applications as well as enclosure packages for outdoor installations, including rooftops.

Hand-built by skilled craftsmen with decades of experience, each system operates to the highest efficiency and reliability for the greatest possible return on investment. System maintenance and repairs due to improper assembly are virtually eliminated. By having the AERCO team involved throughout the entire process, custom systems are guaranteed to meet all requirements. Because AERCO designs the entire system, there is a higher level of expertise in the configurations, which results in better overall performance and lower service costs. An understanding of the application and mechanical room dimensions allows systems to be developed with easy access for more efficient service, as well.


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posted: 6/15/2016