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Moisture Monitor - Dri-Eaz Products Inc. - Facility Management Product Release

Dri-Eaz Products Inc.
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HygroTrac is a remote, wireless system for monitoring moisture levels in buildings that came about as a collaboration of Dri-Eaz and GE Protimeter. The system continuously measures building-wide humidity, temperature, moisture levels and other key data necessary for managing indoor environments and preventing damage from water intrusion.

The device is designed to track humidity and temperature in spaces where maintaining indoor air quality is critical or where sensitive equipment and processes must be protected from moisture damage.

The system includes a main router unit, plus 10 lithium battery-powered wireless moisture sensors that can be set up at various locations within a structure. Sensors can be placed up to 500 feet away from the main gateway, and the system can be expanded with additional sensors if desired.


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posted: 10/12/2007