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Mobile Furnace - Dri-Eaz Products Inc. - Facility Management Product Release

Mobile Furnace: Dri-Eaz Products Inc.

Dri-Eaz Products Inc.
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The Dragon K85 provides 85,000 Btus of heat and produces up to an 81-degree temperature rise. It uses an indirect-fired heat exchanger to provide safer, cleaner heat. Unlike a propane or kerosene heater, the furnace's combustion chamber is separate from the process air chamber, so it heats the air without adding moisture, fumes or smoke. The unit features a dual-air exhaust for supplying heat to two areas at once and an energy-saving operation with a 91 percent efficiency rating. It also features a 9.3-gallon internal fuel tank and a fuel pump that operates with an external fuel tank.


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posted: 12/11/2008