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Metal Primer - Dunn Edwards - Facility Management Product Release

Metal Primer: Dunn Edwards

Dunn Edwards
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ENDURAPRIME is an ultra-low VOC, single component, water-based, acrylic metal primer. Enduraprime provides superior resistance from corrosion and early flash rust in high humidity environments, outstanding adhesion, and a fast-drying time.

Enduraprime can be applied to interior and exterior ferrous metal, such as structural steel, wrought iron, metal gates and fences. Enduraprime is a gray primer available in one-gallons.

Enduraprime is a featured primer in the ENDURA Series, a line of high-performance coatings that includes ENDURACAT.

Like all Dunn-Edwards paints, Enduraprime does not contain ethylene glycol (EG). Dunn-Edwards removed EG from its paint formulas in 1984. EG, which is listed as a hazardous air pollutant and toxic air contaminant, can be harmful to humans.


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posted: 9/11/2018