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Metal Building Insulation System - Bay Insulation Systems - Facility Management Product Release

Bay Insulation Systems
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Skyliner Insulation System is a liner system for metal building roofs and walls. The Skyliner insulation system is composed of a premium, woven, HPDE Scrim liner that is .02 perm-rated vapor retardant for thermal insulation. Liner features a brilliant white reflective surface that brightens buildings, improves lighting efficiency, and reduces energy usage. The bright white material, with sky-blue backing, delivers a light reflectance value of 84.

Tested extensively, The Skyliner System (liner, banding, clips, adhesive, NAIMA Insulation) meets or exceeds energy codes and increases building energy efficiency with high R Values and low U Factors.

The Skyliner System is designed for easier erection, saving time and money on construction costs. The fabric covers purlins (roofs) or girts (walls) and its fabric dispensing system (from a core), adhesive dispensing system, and banding and clip method, are designed for quick deployment. Skyliner increases on-roof productivity and reduces field labor costs.

The safety clip, banding, and fabric system maximizes safety on the roof. Skyliner meets OSHA standards for both passive-fall restraint and active-fall protection to provide leading-edge worker safety.


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posted: 2/23/2018