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Medium-Duty Utility Vehicle - Club Car Inc. - Facility Management Product Release

Medium-Duty Utility Vehicle: Club Car Inc.

Club Car Inc.
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The Carryall 295 two-wheel drive utility vehicle offers a high-capacity option that increases bed-load capacity to three-quarters of a ton from the standard capacity of 1,050 pounds. Specially designed tires, a rear-wheel drive train with limited slip differential, and a top speed of 19 mph help the vehicle minimize effects on turf and improved surfaces. These features combine to create a vehicle suited for facilities with campus environments where high payload capacity and the ability to navigate pavement, sidewalks and turf are priorities. The gas-powered vehicle with a 20.1 hp per 14.78 kW rated engine has a standard 1,050-pound payload with a 1,500-pound payload capacity and 1,900-pound total vehicle capacity option.


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posted: 4/18/2013