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Location Aware IoT System Makes Access Seamless - Kastle - Facility Management Product Release

Location Aware IoT System Makes Access Seamless: Kastle

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KastlePresence is an intuitive Internet of Things (IoT) workplace solution — a Smart Office Platform. Controlled by a simple smartphone app, KastlePresence offers a suite of features, including an entirely hands-free mobile access solution, designed to make spaces safer, smarter and more convenient for people who occupy and manage office buildings — in effect, enabling the Office of the Future.

KastlePresence leverages a system of smartphones, access control readers and wireless beacons to be location, or presence, aware. This unprecedented new level of awareness — knowing who, when and where — offers office managers the ability to optimize space and energy consumption with true occupancy understanding in real time. For the user, this background application is low maintenance and offers a convenient experience, such as doors, including garage doors, that unlock and open as you approach them, ‘hands-free,’ and a personal security button that is accessible, when on-premises, 24 hours a day.


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posted: 10/28/2016