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KPI Dashboard Highlights Operational Anomalies at a Glance - AwareManager - Facility Management Product Release

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AwareManagerIQ is analytics platform that enables facility management executives to leverage their operational data to make better decisions in ways never before possible. It unleashes the potential of this data by providing detailed operational intelligence and surfacing exceptions and performance patterns, which helps users improve building operations and occupant satisfaction.

AwareManagerIQ takes the human effort out of data analysis and allows users to make informed decisions at a glance. Rather than manually filter through hundreds of data points and multiple software systems, AwareManagerIQ provides decision makers with a visual dashboard of key performance indicators – staff response times, vendor performance against agreed upon service levels and several other critical metrics.

The result: management can see critical operational anomalies at a glance and proactively address those issues before they escalate. Users can then easily drill down and get deeper insight on specific subsets of the data, timeframes or regions of a real estate portfolio.

“More executives are relying on their gut instincts – rather than facts – because they are overwhelmed by the sheer volume of data available to them,” said Jeff Thompson, executive director of AwareManager. “They don’t know where they should focus their attention to have the greatest impact on the business. This was the primary driver behind AwareManagerIQ – to help decision makers better leverage their operational data.”

AwareManagerIQ allows executives to leverage previously unusable data to improve operations, lower costs and provide a better occupant experience. In addition, AwareManagerIQ can automatically email specific reports on a scheduled basis, empowering smart decision making at all levels of the organization.


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posted: 12/6/2016