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Iris Reader - Panasonic Security Systems - Facility Management Product Release

Iris Reader: Panasonic Security Systems

Panasonic Security Systems
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Panasonic Security Systems’ BM-ET200 Iris Reader can either be used as part of a stand-alone system or integrated into a larger network. The system’s enrollment and authentication algorithm makes a template or “map” of each person's iris pattern for storage on a database or onto an access card or token. The system uses no lasers or bright lights. To verify identity, an individual simply 'looks into' the reader and the system compares his/her iris pattern images with iris templates stored in the database or portable device. The database of iris template data is secured by 3DES encryption, to guard against theft or misuse of the data.

The system provides recognition results in 0.3 seconds using a dual mirror configuration that makes it easy for the individual to align the eyes for accurate reading, capturing a detailed image of both irises. Voice instructions guide the user’s position.


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posted: 10/24/2006