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Infrared Thermometer - Raytek Corp. - Facility Management Product Release

Infrared Thermometer: Raytek Corp.

Raytek Corp.
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The Marathon MM 3M infrared sensor measures low-to-medium temperatures. It uses shorter infrared wavelengths in order to minimize errors due to the uncertainty of emissivity — the measure of an object’s ability to emit infrared energy.

It features a NEMA-4 sealed user interface and precision variable focus optics. The precision variable focus optics allows users to focus the sensor with a touch of a button, while the sealed user interface guarantees the integrity of the electronics.

The unit provides through-the-lens sighting with a choice of laser sighting or video sighting methods. It incorporates a live video feed into its data acquisition and sensor programming software, allowing for active frame capture.


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posted: 5/10/2007