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Indoor Air Quality Sensor - Awair - Facility Management Product Release

Indoor Air Quality Sensor: Awair

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Awair Omni is an enterprise solution for tracking indoor air quality for facilities of all types. Omni features enterprise-grade sensors that track the key factors of air quality (temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide, chemicals, and fine dust) and provides actionable insights that allow businesses to create healthy, productive environments for their employees and customers.

Awair developed Omni following a demand from businesses looking to extend the capabilities of Awair’s in-home air quality monitors to their facilities. Omni was designed with a more industrial aesthetic, borrowing from the designs of the original Awair and Glow and has been outfitted for increased accuracy, durability, and reliability. Omni features a touch-sensitive LED display, can be mounted on a wall or stand, and includes a battery back-up to prevent loss of data.

Omni’s business dashboard allows for the management of hundreds to thousands of individual Omnis in a facility. The dashboard provides analytics of both the building’s overall air quality as well as individual rooms’. Data history can be easily accessed and exported. Customized alerts and notifications can also be set-up for when building conditions fall out of the desired air quality range.


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posted: 5/3/2018