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ID Badging Software - IDenticard Systems Inc. - Facility Management Product Release

IDenticard Systems Inc.
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The company’s expressionsID software offers features to enhance badge design and system management. The software includes chroma-key (floating head) capability to customize the background of the photo with an image such as a logo. Image ghosting capabilities can create a watermark effect for background designed or reproduce a ghost image.

Record navigator provides folder-based management of cardholder records, allowing the user to custom configure records to display in groups for simultaneous viewing and eliminate record-by-record searches. Record-display views include icon, list, details or thumbnail. It is also possible to run searches based on any field in the database. Easy-to-define security profiles enable the user to specify the time period for which individual users have software rights.

With expressionsID, it is possible to use multiple card technologies, including mag stripe encoding, bar code or biometric data. Single or multiple cards can be encoded for photo ID, access control, time and attendance, and assorted applications such as vending, debit or library transactions. The biometric data stored on the company’s IDentiSMART™ contactless smart card authenticates the user’s identity.

The software features drag and drop design, making it easy to customize screens and cards and save them as new designs. There is also a default database and design templates.


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posted: 10/16/2006