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IAQ Monitor - Kaiterra - Facility Management Product Release

IAQ Monitor: Kaiterra

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Sensedge IAQ monitor was developed specifically for the RESET Air Standard for Commercial Interiors. It offers a complete IAQ monitor for commercial needs, including PM2.5, TVOC, carbon dioxide, temperature, and humidity, with a touchscreen display. Users can access historical data, helping to inform building design, construction, and operations.

Features include:
· Continuous data collection via a cloud-based server and local storage

· End-to-end encryption for secure data transfer

· Easy installation and maintenance with replaceable sensors and built-in notification system — with no calibration necessary

· An API to visualize real-time data and identify trends

· User security with SSL/TLS encryption, password protection, and customized user permissions

· Multiple data export methods over e-mail, micro-SD card, and USB, as well as support for both Ethernet and Wi-Fi

· Touchscreen control, easy-to-navigate displays, and support for multiple languages

· Support for various network configurations, including company proxy servers, hidden SSIDs, and captive portals

· Customizable sensors to meet project-specific needs


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posted: 1/22/2019