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Hybrid Motor Design Achieves High Efficiency - Baldor Electric Company - Facility Management Product Release

Hybrid Motor Design Achieves High Efficiency: Baldor Electric Company

Baldor Electric Company
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Hybrid motor design achieves efficiency performance two to four efficiency bands above NEMA Premium efficient levels (IE3). Using advanced technology, which combines the starting attributes of an induction cage with permanent magnets, the RPM XE platform can provide substantial energy savings and performance for most centrifugal load applications.

The hybrid design exceeds premium efficiency performance on sine wave power while meeting IE3 as a combined motor and drive package. The motor starts like a traditional design B induction motor and pulls into true synchronous speed and operates as a true synchronous machine.

Laminated finned frame construction also contributes to power density and enhanced thermal performance by providing greater heat dissipation, which results in cooler operation and longer motor life. The operating temperature is lower than typical B and F rise temperatures found in the traditional cast iron or steel band induction motors.

The RPM XE platform is available in two design configurations, a power dense and standard NEMA frame. The power dense design offers horsepower in a smaller frame best suited when the driven equipment or machine is limited on space. The standard NEMA offers a drop-in replacement solution for traditional induction motors.


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posted: 12/12/2016