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Hole Saw Adapter - Bosch Power Tools and Accessories - Facility Management Product Release

Hole Saw Adapter: Bosch Power Tools and Accessories

Bosch Power Tools and Accessories
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The Power Change Hole Saw System Adapter converts all major brand standard hole saw cups for use with the Bosch Power Change Hole Saw System. The adapter set includes six adapters to convert any standard hole saw ranging in sizes up to 3 inches to work with the power change mandrel.

The adapter screws onto the cup and snaps into the universal mandrel, which accepts all the adapters, thus eliminating the need for multiple mandrels. The hex drive design ensures that hole saws lock into place. The patent pending drive system offers tighter tolerances for less wobble/vibration and better hole quality. Instead of unscrewing the cup from the tool, users pull back on the mandrel for a quick release, which removes the newly cut plug from the cup. The adapter can stay on the cup permanently.

The system features a 1/4-inch hex shank pilot bit, which eliminates the need for set screws, Allen wrenches, and screwdrivers. All 1/4-inch hex shank accessories, such as screwdriver bits, spade bits, and nut drivers, are compatible with the mandrel.


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posted: 12/8/2006