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HVAC System Aids in Helping Cool Data Centers - Mestek Inc. - Facility Management Product Release

HVAC System Aids in Helping Cool Data Centers: Mestek Inc.

Mestek Inc.
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The Aztec AMC meets more stringent codes and standards for commercial HVAC systems, including data center applications, institutional and commercial facilities.

The new HVAC design combines energy-efficient evaporative cooling technology with an advanced air turnover system — a combination not often found in industrial applications. Flexible and scalable, the Aztec systems allow data centers to “build as they grow” while the Aztec systems, which can harness cooler outside air to support indoor cooling, are proven to lower power usage by up to 70 percent when compared to traditional air conditioning (including computer room air conditioning units.) The system’s digital controls, when integrated with other building automation systems, can extend that savings even further.

While historically the effectiveness of evaporative cooling in hot and humid climates has been questioned, recent data demonstrates that it can be a viable solution. Mestex has partnered with the National Science Foundation to conduct research for improving data center energy efficiency. A study is currently underway in Dallas and has included periods of extreme temperatures. The research project is focused on evaluating an evaporative cooling system in a test data center pod. Resulting data indicates PUEs that range from 1.03 to 1.37 — a sharp contrast to the average performance measures of roughly 2.0 for most data centers.

The new Aztec AMC HVAC system features:

• High-performance air handling efficiencies using direct-drive plenum fans with Variable Frequency Drive controls that reduce energy consumption when equipment is operating at part load, which is typically more than 95 percent of the time. (An optional electronic commutated motor, shown to improve fan efficiency by 30 percent, is also available.)

• Refrigerant-free evaporative cooling technology, proven to lower power usage by up to 70 percent when compared to traditional air conditioning.

• Direct digital controls that help monitor and adjust HVAC systems for comfort, costs and energy efficiency. These controls are available remotely 24/7 through a web interface, as well as locally via a new equipment-mounted or wall-mounted touch screen.


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posted: 6/15/2015